• Pinterest Vs Facebook - 5 Simple Thoughts

    If you don’t know about Pinterest we won’t mock you in any way. In fact on that note we are not fans of people who mock people who don’t know, not cool. What we will do is suggest that you check out this guide on Pinterest and see what it can do for you. If you still do not get what it is we suggest that you watch this video and see if than can help. After that, you’re on your own!

    When looking at Facebook Vs Pinterest we came across this neat little infographic from boticca.com, an online jewellery and accessories store. They have presented 5 things that they have learned about both these social networks and place this as a Pinterest Vs Facebook infographic. What we have done for you is place them in text format so you can copy and paste for your own use. Remember, please reference and credit these guys, it’s just a polite thing to do!

    Top 5 Pinterest Vs Facebook Findings 
    1. Pinterest users spend twice as much money as Facebook users
    2. Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook
    3. Pinterest helps you acquire more new users than Facebook
    4. Pinterest users are NOT as engaged as Facebook users
    5. Pinterest can HURT your conversion rates
    We don’t agree with all of these and point 5 is the one that stands out. The key part to this is to test like boticaa.com did! You should look at your site traffic data and see what platforms are working well for conversion. Another key point is to look at the type of pack-shots/images you are having created for your company. 

    From the get-go they need to be in vogue. Be it Tilt Shift photography or the mobile app Instagram you have to make sure that your images are of “the now”. By doing this and having content that is more “pinnable” you will have a site built to be popular on Pinterest and Facebook. We have placed in some great examples of Tilt Shift photography from smashingmagazine.com in this post for you to see. Check out their full list here.