• Another iPhone Parody – The Reality Distortion Field

    So, after Apple launched their iPhone 5 we already knew that the people who mock the brand have some great video parodies. These have been out way before the iPhone 5 launch and we talked about them in this postNow the iPhone is out there has been a vast amount of mocking due to its lack on innovation. It has very few updates to the level that was expected…Or expected, pre Steve Jobs death…

    What Videos Are in Here?
    So, we have two videos here, one is from the popular TV host Jimmy Kimmel. He gives the OLD iPhone out to people on street saying it’s the NEW iPhone 5. And, perhaps without much shock, the general consumer thinks it’s the new one and they all adore it! Fools? Or maybe the iPhone really is a trick-of-the-eye in general?

    The second video below is a high-value-production advert of the iPhone 5. But this is a production that intends to mock further the lack of updates and “reality distortion field” that all Apple fans seem to be sucked into.