• Apples Big Day and Three Great Apple Parodies

    Post by Jason Jenner: Hello. For no other reason than its Apple's big day today when they launch another iPhone we thought we would do what's best for our people. We wanted to remind people of how Apple product owners can be viewed. Good or bad.

    Disclaimer: This does not include certain people that we know who own an Apple product as they are not like this guy in the video below or the animations below that. Well, not all of them. 

    Below is the video by scotty321 and after that a FANTASTIC video made by the Futurama guys about Apple product launches. Wait, then we will show you a superb parody by Futurama guys again about Apple’s famous 1984 advert directed by Ridley Scott shown during the Superbowl ad break that year.

    [For the video below] On his YouTube channel his is described as: "Scott Rose is half comedian, half Mac consultant, and half FileMaker programmer. He currently lives in Austin, but spent most of his life becoming jaded in Los Angeles and learning to hate winters in Chicago. Scott worked with Apple for 6 years as a professional speaker at all their major events, and he was a contributing editor for Mac Life Magazine for 2 years. Scott is also a member of Mensa. He just likes to throw that around because it sounds highbrow."

    The BBC suggests that Apple’s famous product launches are losing their aura. A post by Chris Taylor for Mashable seems to agree that this is the case. What do you think? Send us your thoughts via this link.