• Has Modern Communication Killed Old Fashioned Romance?

    By Diva-Kapow Renton-Roderix (VIP): A recent survey by Vodafone revealed that 1 in 3 adults deem it acceptable to answer their phone during sexPersonally, I’d consider it a grave insult if my partner answered a call during such an intimate moment!

    It’s been an on-going conversation, since the days of video killed the radio star: are innovations in communication stifling more traditional methods of communication - most importantly, personal interaction? Some may even cite the Tower of Bable as an early warning against the internet – where we all unite and speak one language.

    ‘Back in the old days, love wasn't social, it was private’. Mark Bauerlein ponders if Facebook killed love letters. Does proclaiming your undying love to the eyes of your 400+ Facebook ‘friends’ make it more true, or in fact disperse the sentiment and water it down?

    I recently saw a great piece of theatre, The Welsh Boy. The ‘wronged’ main character writes an exposé of his sex before marriage antics with a woman of high standing within the community (which of course totally ruined a woman’s reputation in the eighteenth century) - the modern day equivalent of a sex tape! I digress...

    So, I pose the question: Could we survive without modern methods of communication? Would we want to? I don’t like to think that I am dependant on anyone or anything - But I am fooling myself if I think I am not totally dependent on my mobile phone and social media, as a ‘drip feed’ of updates from my social circle. As much as I love, and fully embrace, innovations in communication, there’s a niggling part of me that longs for a good old fashioned letter.