• Places to Hang Out With Friends - And Apps to Help You

    Post by Lopa Jonas: As holiday season is here we have just listed out some great apps that will allow you to find places to hang out with friends, your family and whoever else you wish. Each of these apps will help you get somewhere and enjoy it when you arrive.

    Get There
    Flight Track Pro - Great iPhone app that will help you keep up-to-date with all flight times and other help for air travel. As they boast about on their app page, “If you travel by air, you’re going to want this application.” – Forbes

    Though this is great we are huge fans of the Bing Flight checker. It has a great UEX and fantastic iconography that works as you would want it too. For us, this is the flight checker of choice. It will then take you onto flights you are looking for so you can either check or book. We checked this for mobile and sadly it is not great. The images are too small and the UEX gets lost. Come on Bing! So, just fixed-web for this one we are sad to say. Google, on the other hand have nailed it! Their version is great for fixed-web and mobile too.  Very simple interface but…This does not work at all outside of the US!

    Driving When You Are There
    Gas Buddy - This is free so we are happy. It helps you find cheap gas (or petrol) prices based on your location. The downside is that this is mainly US based and for outside the US you can use Apps like: UK, PetrolPrices Pro (£2.99), the rest of Europe (free and Web Based and can do the world) and App (free) here.

    If you do not drive you can use Kabee, if you are in London. This app will help you get trusted taxis at the press of a button at a cheap price. We have used this and it works well, but you may get some spam with this app too. Halo supports more areas such as Boston, Toronto and Chicago.

    Enjoy it When You Do
    Nokia City Lens – Free to download the beta app. It will over lay things to do on in the city you are in as an augmented reality app.There you are, some apps and more you for you to get to places to hang out with friends. 

    UPDATE: We also want to add this list here for more apps that can help you find places that are great to hang out in.