• And a Dubstep in a Pear Tree

    A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim, Scrooge and the Grinch would disapprove of this modern take on the festive season, perhaps the last two might like it though. Lucky for some – and not the neighbours – some guys in Meridian, Idaho did not ask their thought’s before they created this light show powered by dubstep.It starts of gently with a track by 5oh! called Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep Remix)This warms the digital cockles before going into the heavy drop of this Santa-set at 1:57 with a tune by Arion called The Nutcracker (Christmas Dubstep Remix)

    Now the visuals and the musical-trickery combine brilliantly. The blending of the lights matches perfectly with the music. Watch how the cars slowly drive past wondering what is going on and why has Santa been taken hostage by Father Skrillex. Not sure how this tune would work with The Twelve Days of Christmas carol. What do you think? Holiday cheer or holiday anger?

    Note: Please respect your neighbours when thinking of doing things like this, as one user put it, “And no one slept for 1 month”.  It can even raise legal suspicion with another user warning, “And with an electricity bill that high, the house was constantly checked for marijuana growth!