• Font Trends for 2013 and Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays! 
    We hope you are all having a great day today and spending time with loved ones. For people who believe in Jesus and are worried about this day being about greed for some you may wish to visit this link and seek solace that Jesus hated bankers and give a wry smile on this holy day.  But there is more to this day than the economic crisis that the banker world continues to give us, consumerism and packed trains. It’s about giving and caring and if you celebrate this day or not we feel it is a period of the year that people should look to their altruistic side and offer-up support.

    Therefore we have decided to offer a quick guide to font styles for 2013. If you're looking for ideas, want some thoughts on what fonts to use, or you just fancy some creative inspiration after your 11th glass of wine, portion of food or chocolate treat, then this is for you. We are listing some font styles for 2013. Yes, we know this is not what you really, really want but read on and let us change your mind. 

    First, you need to know Google Web Fonts, this is the web ready collection of fonts that Google offers as open source fonts.  You can browse round a list of fonts that Google can crawl, meaning you can use this for traffic as well as visual yummyness. You should also visit this link for a breakdown of HTML 5 fonts.

    Font Future for 2013
    But you also want to know what fonts are looking good for 2013? On Google's font site you can sort by trending which is a great aspect, but perhaps this is still not enough for you? Well, we trawled the web and found this great article by noupe.com listing 40fonts that you should keep in mind for 2013. And we should listen as the author is Dirk Metzmacher. He is a professional Photoshop artist, author and creator of photoshop-weblog.de which about the art and skills needed for Photoshop.

    Font Trends
    He has listed a stunning collection of fonts which shows the trend for next year could be ones that have; hard angles, clean spacing, playful elements, design, light feel and soft shapes. Many of the fonts that he has listed are for private and commercial use and each will have a link to learn more/download and maybe start using them.

    Sadly, not all of these are digi-friendly so you need to ask if you want to sacrifice style over a potential loss of traffic as some platforms will not be able to render these? However, you see fonts like Jockey, Intro free font (pictured) and the already-seeming-iconic, art deco style Free Typeface Deco Neue you can’t help to be mainly thinking the ‘when?’ will I start using these rather than ‘how?’. You can see great prediction by Dirk Metzmacher along with many more in our ever growing 2013 Predictions Hub

    Super Tools to Stay Ahead and Stay Fresh
    Webink has a great take on more technical aspects for fonts for 2013. Well worth a read as they talk about the growth of free fonts and ways to fund font development. They say that web fonts will become mainstream and much more here. The best part about their post is they talk about a stunning tool they launched called FontDropper. Just visit that link, drag the tool to your bookmarks and start using it. 

    It allows you - in a live state - to test other fonts on your site, sizes, spacing, colour and more to see how they would look. All you do is click the bookmark when on the site and then drag the new font onto the element you wish to change. Really, this is stunning. 

    Now go grab a drink, its been a big year as that's what we are doing...And grabbing loads of mince pies of course! Hang out with your friends and loved ones and if you are stuck somewhere reading this we are very sorry to hear that and hope this site can help.