• Good Idea for QR Codes - Terrible Promo Video

    QR Codes are now being used to hook up! A bar in Singapore is using QR codes on beer bottles to connect people who might want to party with each other. Harry’s Bar allows you to grab a drink for someone you have your eye on, this person gets the beer with a QR Code tag and a message that the buyer has already placed on this. However, we do not approve of the rape-esque start to the video below which is the promotional reel and ad award entry for Harry's Bar. Due to the content at the start we dislike Harry's Bar (or perhaps the creators of the video) and hope this fails and gets them negative media. Cracking wise like this is just foolish. 
    The sad part is that this video is created for advertising awards and it won’t, and it better not win anything. Looks like Linekers bars will have some competition for the tackiest bar to go.