• What Are the Best Headphones?

    Asius-inflatable-headphonesA blimp in your ear is the next step in headphone technology, if Asius are to be believed. They have created ear phones that inflate when inside your ear creating an airtight seal for the ultimate audio experience.

    Ear Phone Problems
    It is well known that wearing headsets of any type can cause our ears to hurt due to "acoustic reflex," according to Asius which no amount or ear bud reshaping can cure. There are solutions to "listener fatigue," though – these include a flexible membrane, and perhaps this inflatable ear-tip device created by Asius. Named for company founder Stephen Ambrose, the ADEL is essentially a tiny polymer membrane balloon that is built into in-ear devices, and inflates into place within the ear canal. It’s said to better reduce pressure and potentially offer superior sound quality due to Asius' Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL).

    How it Works
    The device is inflated via a built-in Asius Diaphonic Pump, which creates air pressure by forcing sound waves through a tiny opening." As sound waves pass through any given small hole, the alternating pulses emerge and retract through the orifice like a small air-piston, hitting and knocking the surrounding air molecules forward like billiard balls," said Ambrose. "Other molecules join in the stream from the sides due to the low pressure created by the flow. This results in a sustained jet of air."

    Holy Grail of In-Ear Devices
    Apple had a chance to see these and they said, "[Asius] have the holy grail of in-ear devices" and the tech giants are very keen to have these in their stores, according to AmbroseThere is no set date for when these will be in the shops but we hope very soon. They seem a clever way to create perfect sound, just make sure you have your ears cleaned beforehand. 

    Have a look at their brand side that talks more about their work. Do not judge the site as its by far the quality we expect of platforms nowadays, but hey, if Warren Buffet can have a site this basic then we can forgive ASIUS Technologies.