• Finger Hashtag & Air Hashtag

    Not a great deal to say about this, just that we are all doomed. We would like to say sorry to our forefathers who fought to keep our freedom, scientists that walked on the shoulders of giants to advance medicine. Why?

    Because a new trend is gaining more and more momentum, the hashtag as a hand gesture!

    The First Usage of a Hashtag on Twitter
    The hashtag was made famous on Twitter but started on IRC networks before its migration to the popular social network. The hashtag has become part of everyday usage on Twitter with the first ever usage of this (by Chris Messina, August 23, 2007) on the social network reading “how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]”.

    We are already hearing the stomach churning words being uttered within offline conversations, such as some of the gems listed by Wired Magazine below:

    "hashtag awk"; "hashtag ridic", "hashtag fab", "hashtag marv" (marvelous); "hashtag obvs"; "hashtag YOLO"; "hashtag suspish"; "hashtag whatevs"; "hashtag atrosh"; "hashtag BFFS (Best Friends Forever Sometimes)"; "hashtag mawk" (majorly awk)

    Finger Hashtagging
    Now, and more-than-ever, people are starting to replace the “hashtag” verbiage to a gesture created with their fingers crossing over to form a hashtag sign. So, welcome to finger hashtagging.

    Air Hashtagging Last Summer
    The Guardian pointed this out last summer with a post entitled “How to say 'hashtag' with your fingers” but the newspaper called this an "air hashtag". One of the comments on their post by one of their readers stated, “The first person to do this in front of me gets a punch in the nose.

    Light at the End of the #Tunnel
    Hopefully this won’t become popular but we have a worrying feeling that it might. So, next time you are hanging out (at the Truman Brewery for those in London or Brooklyn for those in NYC) look-out for people placing this symbol into conversation. Judging by the comment by one user below on Wired Magazine recently it may have a fight on its hand!

    Oh God. No. No, no. Anyone who adopts this gesture deserves to have both pairs of fingers broken. With a hammer. 

    So, join the fight or start doing this?