• Finger Hashtag? You Nimrod!

    Did you see our post about the dreaded Finger Hastag? Why not? Anyway, it was about this thing called a Finger Hashtag, Air Hashtag or Finger Hastagging. We talked about a post in Wired magazine where a guy called Nimrod Kamer said how this is all the rage. But according to New York Observer there is some doubt to the validity of his article. Kind of.

    Why and Who is Kamer?
    Nimrod Kamer is the guy who faced Wikipedia deletion last year because of his attempts to extort celebrities by threatening to edit their Wikipedia pages according to The Daily Dot last year! He also got a troll piece in the Huffington Post about Twitter etiquette rules. So he is doing this as almost a cultural rebel. 

    Prank or Not, It’s Real…Sadly!
    So the thinking from the New York Observer is the Finger Hashtag is a lie from Kamer but this is rebuffed as one quick Google for this in Google images shows its real. Added to that – and as we saidThe Guardian even posted an article about this last year, a “how to?” Finger Hashtag. Even Gizmodo posted an article begging the world not to make Finger Hashtagging popular; back in 2012.

    Nimrod you Nimrod
    The main thing is that there is a guy called Nimrod Kamer who tries to be like Dennis Pennis but is failing and trying to own a space that already has traction. Another thing to do is do-all-your best to ignore anyone who starts to do this, or start doing it yourself…#Wedontmind…
    But, credit to Kamer, he does appear lots in Google images.