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    Welcome to our new free online tools section. We will look to update this on a regular basis to provide you with the best list for online tools. We will list the tools by type along with a quick snippet of what they are about. These are the best of the bunch. 

    Enjoy, bookmark (CTRL + D) and use us! The sections we have here are: 
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    - Consumer Research 
    - File Storage (New)
    - Site Design (New)
    - Site Testing 
    - Social
    - Technical

    Consumer Research - Consumer Barometer
    The Consumer Barometer is a global effort by IAB Europe in partnership with TNS Infratest and Google to quantify the role of online in the consumer journey from research to purchase. You can create stunning reports with ease and you are able to download this report in PNG format. See an example of a report here.

    Consumer Research - TNS Mobile Life
    Superb platform to talk about global trends and a great overview tool that lets you compare mobile trends between two markets. They have a range of metrics that they look at form app usage in a market to QR Codes; it is a very detailed data source. The visuals are stunning and well worth a look. This is your perfect presentation maker. They have pro tools but their free offering is good enough to get started. This section gives you easy to read tips of creating a mobile site. These include great suggestions like giving your mobile platform local character, simple navigation and more that are often missed from even the bigger companies when trying to launch a mobile platform. 

    File Storage - Google Drive
    Google Drive is everywhere you are - on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just...there. Ready to go, ready to share. Get started with 5 GB free. Google Drive has sharing options galore. It's great at viewing all types of Google documents, and has improved editing powers but there is no security pass-code option, no editing of presentations or drawings. This free online tool does an excellent job of integrating cloud storage and file-syncing with Google Docs functionality.

    Mobile - Howtogomo
    Well known as GOMO this is one of the great mobile audit tools. Why? Because it is very simple and cuts to the most vital part of any mobile offering, usability. It has free export tools to PDF and you can email to friends, family and work colleagues. It will show you images of what other companies are doing as well as give you mobile facts as you are waiting for the report to run. It looks at areas such as load speed, UEX and allows you to tell it what your site is for so it can make its audit more relevant.

    Site Design - Adobe Kuler
    Brilliant! That’s all you can say about this free online tool. This is the web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you're creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community. And all for free! To get the palette you need for a clean and well thought-out site (or more), upload your key image – perhaps your logo - [and a logo that is in line with 2013 font trends, see more about that here] and it will pick out a palette that works with that image/logo etc. Brilliant!

    Site Design - Colour Hexa 

    ColorHexa.com is a free color tool providing information about any color. Just type any color values (view full list here) in the search field and ColorHexa will offer a detailed description and automatically convert it to its equivalent value in Hexadecimal, Binary, RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, CIE-Lab, Hunter-Lab, CIE-Luv, CIE-LCH, XYZ and xyY. ColorHexa will also generate matching color schemes such as complementary, split complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic and monochromatic colors. So you will be able to know what colors best suit with the one you chose. It is also possible to blend colors together or create a gradient between them.

    Site Testing - Check My Colours
    It is a free online tool for checking foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits. All the tests are based on the algorithms suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

    Site Testing - Five Second Test
    Fivesecondtest helps you fine tune your landing pages and calls to action by analysing the most prominent elements of your design. You can create a range of free tests that can be sent round to your contacts or just have the online community test it for you. This is a free online tool that is, well, sort-of free. To do a test you have to have "Karma" points and you get these by doing a test for someone else. This is fair and is a good way to stop spammers. It’s very quick to get the feedback and we urge people to support this, well-built and easy to use online tool. The tour page here will help you seen the power of this platform and here is a sample test 

    Site Testing - Mock Up Builder
    Mockup Builder is a free web application built in Microsoft Silverlight that is designed to let you create software and website mockups, then easily share them with clients or coworkers. The library of available elements is diverse (supporting desktop, browser, iOS and Android omponents) but limited in quantity. For a free tool, however, Mockup Builder certainly has its bases covered and offers a great starting point for prototyping simple ideas and concepts. When you're ready to share your mockup, projects can be exported as both PNG and PDF files or shared directly. Those with access can then leave feedback and comments on the project. (Source)

    Site Testing - Pingdom (Site Speed Test)
    This free, web-based tool is dead-simple to use. All you need to do is plug in your website’s URL, and it will give you a report that displays your website’s response time and webpage size. For all of the reports in the Performance Grade test you are able to be linked to the Google Code section to help you fix a certain issue pending how well you scored for this. Aside from the Performance Grade tab you can also see: Waterfall, Page Analysis and History.

    Site Testing Write Maps (Site Map Creation Tool)
    WriteMaps is a free web-based tool that allows you to create, edit, and share sitemaps online. As a WriteMaps user, you and your team will be able to build and access your sitemaps from anywhere, without having to rely on proprietary desktop apps and static files.

    Social - Simplymeasured
    Simply Measured is a fast-growing team of data geeks dedicated to making the world of analytics and reporting a better, more beautiful place. Here they provide a range of free tools that allow you to know more about your audience on a range of social networks. You can see a sample report here and it has an easy to export to excel feature and you can even export to Power Point so you will have that report ready before lunch! The file download size is super small so it’s great to see that these guys care about speed of access too. 

    Social - Social Bakers
    Very well-known and if you have not used this already then you need to start now. They have a range of social usage data sets that cover all the major social platforms. It will show you trends on a vast range of metrics from countries, media types, top Facebook Apps and more. Well worth a bookmark. 

    Social - Social Mention
    Social Mention is a simple and easy to use tool to scan the web for social mentions. Provides easy free export to excel options and shows you a range of social scores for a given search. 

    Social - YouTube Time
    Simple: It creates a link to a YouTube video where you set the start time. And it does this in a very easy one-page way. Find a video, find the part you like and then place this moment into the tool and it will allow you to create a hyper link that, when loaded, goes right to that moment in time. Just think of the fun ways you can use this for social media...

    Technical - Spiderweb Logic
    Create your own HTML code in a simple and easy way. This free online tool to create HTML tags is one of the more simple tools out there. It’s a promotional tool for a company of the same name but it still makes the list due to its ease of use. Write your text, place in images then click generate and it will create the HTML code. You also have a range of neat options like making links open in new tabs that makes this tool pretty neat. 

    Technical - Way Back Machine
    Browse through over 240 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible. You can use this to see how much a site has changed since it first went live.   

    Much more to come!