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    Below is a showcase of great images that we have found round the WWW. We are not saying these are ours and you will seed that we reference who these images are from and why they are great. These are all on the Pinterest account for this site which can be found here, feel free to follow us and connect. If you want to Pin on our boards then use the contact page here and we will add you.

    So Wrong - Lego
    So you want to do some painting for the house but your kid wants to play too? What do you do? This Lego paintbrush will solve both those issues!

    So Wrong - Lego
    “So, are we using a real Tennis ball or a Lego Tennis ball? What the @@@@!” Great work from Fred is Design.

    Lego Men (and Lego Women) seem to have such great sex appeal that a Lego Woman has appeared on the front page of a Lego Adult magazine. Huge thanks to Matt’s Brick Gallery for this. But, guys when you see this do you get a one’sy or a eight’sy? 

    So Wrong - Lego
    Steve Sutterby posted this image on his Flikr profile and we just knew this needed to be shared. Who would have thought that a Lego Man would be scared of Jesus? Perhaps it’s not Jesus and more religion in general, or perhaps he is more worried due to what he has been getting to with no redemption? Either way we will never know as Lego Men can always look happy and angry at the same time!

    This photo from Max Spencer is a great illustration of the connection between toys and humans inability to separate images with real human feelings. No doubt you looked at this image and thought of real humans, not perhaps because you are sure they are limbs from humans more that it represents us all. A study by Suzanne Ive et al (2006), talks about how the Barbie doll may make young girls want to be thin. They concluded that young girls “experience heightened body dissatisfaction after exposure to Barbie doll images but not after exposure to Emma doll (or neutral control) images.” So, when buying you daughter a doll, go for an Emma doll!

    Much like great cartoons such as The Simpsons this alcoholic drink will appeal to kids and adults alike. It does look tasty and this Popbottles created by Anna Utopia Giordano are for a recent art exhibition. The aim of this was to raise awareness of alcohol abuse by teens and parents alike. 

    Great Images 
    Feeling tired? Feeling horny? Well, what better way to combine putting-your-head-down and feel frisky with these pillows. You can even take out the inside just like you would a real...You know what we mean! We thank Daniel James for this as the designer who knew how to answer those two questions we asked! 

    If the 99% was made of Lego Men, this is what they would be doing now. Look at the detail that was used buy its creator Gerry Mak as he has made great little banners for the Lego Men to use. The best one reads, “OCCUPY LEGO LAND” and is a reference to the occupy Wall Street campaigns that have been happening.